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“My name is Paul Milton B.A.Honours I am a Professional Qualified Sussex Based Multi Media Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur, Radio Presenter and Businessmen, thank you for taking the time to view my web site.”

About Me:-

I have always been Artistic, and Creative, from an early age. I am a Dyslexic and Epileptic Artist and found Art a relaxing and a liberating form of expression. As I did my studies I have progressed and evolved my Art and business to what it is today.

I am Archived and Recorded Artist with the National Portrait Gallery in London Regarding the Portrait I did of Prime Minster David Cameron which the Portrait is well liked. I wish Downing Street all my best. For more info please click on the Mid Sussex Times Link and details to article.

My Artwork has had Recognition from the Archbishop of Canterbury and many other various people.

All my artwork is to high Professional Standard


I have many qualifications in the field of Art this has allowed me to approach most subjects with great ease. I have studied throughout Sussex, West Sussex, and surrounding areas including Eastbourne, Lewis, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, and Cuckfield to name but a few.


My Artwork takes many forms as I prefer not to specialise allowing me to approach most subjects with great ease and welcome all commissions.


I am Qualified Surface Textile Designer I can Heat Press Print, Screen Print, Machine Knit Loom Knit, Hand Sew, and can also Machine Sew as well to mention but a few.

“I learnt to sew from an early age, I learnt the basics whilst in Harland’s Primary School Haywards Heath a kind old lady came in a showed us the basics “I just could understand it”, my mother and grandmother taught me how to use the sewing machine this has enabled me to approach most textiles projects with great ease.

/knitted Piece machine knitted By Paul Milton Copyright(c)

Machine Knitted Textile’s Swatch similar design was sold to the Fashion House Versace at the Indigo Fashion Show in Paris.


I am a Qualified Artist part of my studies was the study and practice of photography. 


Earth’s Stratosphere By Artist Paul Milton Copyright (c)


St Mary's Outside new drawing 2015 copyright (c)

“New” St Mary’s Church Balcombe Drawing Part of a collection in Denmark Copenhagen Northern Europe.

I am an Archived and Recorded Artist as regards my drawing. I have been drawing since an early age a natural talent. My Drawings and Artwork are to Professional High Standard



Landscape Painting of the Moores By Paul Milton Copyright  (c).

The Painting above is a landscape Painting Mixed Media Acrylic’s of an area of Dartmoor Moorlands South Devon part of the National Park.
As with all my Art I use most Paints and prefer not to specialise.


Clothing Designer

Cardigan Paul Milton copyright (c)

  Machine Knitted Bespoke Cardigan Lurex Metallic Italian Yarn’s Design Copyright (c)

Bespoke Textile Wall Hangings:-

Chaos Theory a mixture of textiles techniques By Artist  Paul Milton Copyright (c) 2015

Bespoke Textiles Wall Hanging Mixed Media By Artist Paul Milton Copyright (c)




Commissions and Sales:-

I welcome all commissions if you would like to purchase any of the Artwork on my website please feel free to contact me email to Tel:- 07896-203310


My ideas my imagination my mind:-


I’m a textile designer my inspiration comes from many things but my main love is science fiction. I love the designs of Geiger’s aliens and I love the predators outfits I like the armour, the plating, anything metallic and shiny I love it. At moment I’m hooked watching doctor who the outfits and designs are amazing and inspirational. I also look at comics for inspiration such as Marvel, and DC comics. I especially like superman the film’s as well I love the concept of the fortress of solitude I love the crystal structures; I like the sharp edges to the crystals and the clarity to them.


Artistic Interests:-

With my art and what inspires me it can range from a kind couple sitting on bench in front of me converted into a quick sketch and drawing, to a quick photograph, to a brilliant composition of music, to my favourite films there is a vast world around us you just have to open your eyes and use your imagination.

I am also a great fan of science fiction it opens your imagination to a world of possibilities. One of my knitted fashion designs was based on the original science fiction film Predator. I sold this to the fashion house Versace, at the Indigo fashion show in Paris.


Again thank you for taking the time to visit my website I wish you all the best.


Please note all images on this site are copyright of Paul Milton &

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